In accordance with Australian Work Health & Safety Laws and the Code of Practice for the Preparation of Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Chemicals, ClearVis makes available the relevant SDS’s for all chemicals and cleaning solutions utilised by the business.

ClearVis keeps all hard copy SDS’s on hand so they are readily accessible for all workers involved in using, handling or storing the chemicals at the workplace or anyone else who may be exposed to the chemical. 

Gold Rush 

Carpet cleaning prespray detergent concentrate


Performance Plus 

Wool safe carpet prespray detergent



Carpet browning treatment and coffee destainer


Citrus Pro

Carpet cleaning citrus booster


CT Spot

Coffee and tannin stain remover


Pet Spot

Urine spot and browning treatment

Protein Spot 

spotter for protein based stains




ClearVis values the health and safety of its customers. Amidst the current world pandemic, it is crucial that both ClearVis and its customers provide clear communication and cooperation to ensure the community is kept safe and lives are protected above all else.

As an essential service provider, ClearVis implements the following policy to protect the wellbeing of its customers and requests that you return the same courtesy – please notify Kris immediately if you or anyone in your household have cold or flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone posing a potential COVID-19 risk. Kris will be happy to reschedule your booking to a later date.

Before Kris arrives, please move all smaller items of furniture off carpeted areas, so that his contact with surfaces in your home is minimised.

If you are someone who is at higher risk of developing severe illness with COVID-19, you may wish to take additional precautions whilst ClearVis is cleaning your home. Kris encourages COVID-safe precautions and is happy to comply with any request you have so that your risk to Coronavirus is minimised.

Please speak to Kris if you have any concerns. Kris would be happy to wear both facemask and gloves, and take extra care to demonstrate COVID-safe measures during his visit - please speak with him to arrange this. Please note, Kris cleans and disinfects his equipment with, a professional-grade disinfectant. 

ClearVis COVID-19 Policy


  • ClearVis will at all times cooperate with the Tasmanian Government restrictions, laws and guidelines in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • ClearVis will engage in COVID-safe behaviour as follows:

    • Social distancing (1.5 metre distance. Please note, you do not need to be in the same room while cleaning is being carried out).

    • Handwashing often

    • Use of alcohol -based sanitiser

    • Covering coughs and sneezes

  • In the event Kris experiences cold or flu-like symptoms, he will immediately contact his customers to postpone the appointment to a later date. Likewise, Kris will get tested for COVID-19 if cold or flu-like symptoms are present.

Medical gloves mask and alcohal gel for

Speak to Kris if you would like him to wear a facemask and gloves -

better to be safe!


Kris is happy to arrange this - please do not hesitate to ask.

Phone 0410 257 957