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ClearVis services the greater Hobart area and surrounds, offering the following services (click the links below to find out more):

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Stain Removal

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Carpet Cleaning Services


Living in a cold climate such as Hobart Tasmania, carpets bring warmth and insulation to your home.  Along with your own regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, it is equally important to have carpets professionally cleaned to help extend the life of you carpets and contribute to improved health - removing allergens and bacteria which build up over time.

ClearVis Carpet Cleaning carries portable steam cleaning equipment that powerfully removes dirt, stains, dust mites, odours and allergens buried deep into the fibres of your carpet.    

Steam cleaning 


Steam cleaning, otherwise known as the ‘hot water extraction’ method, applies hot water at a high pressure which penetrates deep into your carpet, then subsequently extracted at a high pressure – removing the dirt and bacteria, resulting in dirty waste water being taken away, leaving your carpets clean and fresh. For stubborn stains, Clear Vis will pre-treat the stains prior to the steam cleaning process.  

There are two carpet cleaning methods available on the market – steam cleaning and dry cleaning. ClearVis utilises the steam cleaning method which involves some drying time, rather than dry cleaning which leaves your carpets dry almost within an hour.  

The benefits of steam cleaning

Whilst both steam cleaning and dry-cleaning methods are of course effective at cleaning carpets (note – dry-cleaning is most desired for quick dry time and preferred by some householders), steam cleaning is highly effective with heavy soiling and penetrates deep into the carpet, resulting in a more thorough clean. Other methods can typically remove dirt from the surface of the carpet and might struggle to remove all residues, compromising the sanitation effect. 

Carpet drying times

As mentioned, the benefits of choosing steam cleaning rather than dry cleaning means a deeper clean, but some householders may consider drying time an issue or inconvenience. However, it doesn’t have to be so problematic – many people enjoy fresh clean carpets and cope fine with the drying time in order to obtain disinfection of not only the carpet’s surface, but what’s also beneath it. 


There is no prescribed or guaranteed time for drying, as no two carpets are the same.  Many carpet cleaning operators will prescribe between 3 to 8 hours to dry, however some carpets might take longer depending on your home’s ventilation, the type of carpet (textile blend), and the degree of soiling. Where carpets are particularly soiled, the water pressure may be increased in order to obtain a deeper, more penetrating clean.

Some materials can absorb a substantial amount of liquid easier than others and thus require more drying time. For example, wool carpets may need up to 24 hours to dry, or longer if the weather is cooler.  However, many carpets are made of synthetic blends which can easily release moisture, making the drying period shorter.

A conservative estimation is to allow 24 hours to dry, however most carpets can be dry within 8 hours (or less).  


ClearVis recommends for faster drying time, either keep windows open, put on your air-conditioner or heat pump, and make use of the fans.

Equipment used


ClearVis utilises a professional-grade heat extractor with portability function.

For those more familiar with truck mounted machines, carpet cleaning technology has advanced over the last many years with portable machines now offering exceptional performance with regards to heating technology, bringing the not only the benefits of mobility, but extraordinary quality that is equally comparable to the truck mounted alternatives. The choice of portable machine allows access into apartments building and tighter spaces where the truck mount machines may not go. 

Carpet cleaning method


1. Kris will carefully unpack his equipment and setup inside your home. The heat extraction machine will be plugged into two available power points and Kris will fill the machine with clean water from your kitchen sink or laundry.

2. Following a vacuum, Kris will spray the carpet area with a professional-grade cleaning product. This solution will sanitise the carpet and tackle the carpets general soiling and generally any staining.


3. However, for deep penetrating stains, Kris will pre-treat any stains and if on hand, speak with you regarding unsightly markings to determine the most appropriate pre-spray treatment based on the stain type. 

4. Finally, Kris will undertake the steam cleaning process, carefully working the carpets with the machine wand – backwards movement to inject high temperature water to penetrate deep into the fabric and a subsequent forward movement to recover the water, removing the dirty waste.

5.Once the carpets have been cleaned, Kris pack up equipment and empty the machine of waste water to a suitable location, preferably the garden or laundry tub or toilet. 

6. If on hand, Kris will happily demonstrate degree of dirt removed from the carpet (for your own satisfaction that the carpets are fresh!).

Rug Cleaning


ClearVis will take the utmost care with your rugs, utilising the same heat-extraction methods for carpets.

Before proceeding, Kris will take note whether the rug contains sensitive fibres, for example , whether it's a hand-made rug containing materials such as wool, silk or cotton and otherwise check for manufacturers specifications underneath where available. 

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Upholstery Cleaning


As many television watchers will attest – lounges don’t stay new forever!


Seating around your home naturally gets a lot of usage – aside from dust, food crumbs and other staining upon the fabrics– normal build-up of dead skin cells, body oils, bacteria also accumulate over time.  


Having your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis will assist in eliminating hidden odours and ensuring your home is fresh and sanitised.


Talk to Kris about incorporating upholstery cleaning into his visit  -

have both carpets and upholstery done at the same time!

ClearVis can freshen upholstered furniture within your home, such as lounge chairs, sofas, dining chairs and office chairs.

Upholstery cleaning method


  1. Firstly, Kris will protect the timber legs or other parts of the furniture using a plastic covering, or put down a drop sheet to protect your flooring.

  2. Kris will then carry out a spot test to check colourfastness, using a towel in an inconspicuous place, for example underneath the chair where the upholstery is stapled or underneath a seating cushion.

  3. Kris will then pre-treat the fabric, spraying with a neutralising cleaning solution and gently stroke the solution with an upholstery mitt. 

  4. Adapting the upholstery head, Kris will undertake the steam cleaning process, gently working the upholstery backwards and forwards, allowing the heated water to penetrate deep into fibres and sucking out the dirty bacterial waste, leaving the upholstery fresh and clean. 

ClearVis uses the ultimate wool friendly pre-spray detergent for both delicate carpts and upholstery which has the following benefits:

  • Unique polymer technology promotes effective soil removal and inhibits re-soiling.

  • Exceeds the specifications for the safe cleaning of wool carpets.

  • Safe for us on all synthetic fibres, including stain-resistant treatment on stain resistant nylon.

  • Engineered for maximum cleaning performance on all fibre types.

  • Low VOC’s and outstanding OH&S – low toxicity profile and a fresh clean scent

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Stain Removal


Let’s face it... accidents and spills happen!


Don't let those unsightly marks and spots spoil your carpet and upholstery for good! Whether it’s a fresh stain or one that’s dried over time, ClearVis Carpet Cleaning can remove those stubborn stains that you thought were there indefinitely.


ClearVis offers a wide range of stain removal treatments to tackle tough stains and odours.

Tea & coffee stains


Tea and coffee stains can infiltrate the fibres quickly, resulting in embedded brown or yellowish stains. Despite quick spot treatment, sometimes coffee or tannin can mark both light and dark fibres. ClearVis employs an effective solution which remove tea and coffee marking:



  • Works fast and safely on almost all fibres and fabrics.

  • Removes stains caused by coffee, tea, tannin, beer, watermarks and coloured beverages.

  • Provides outstanding cellulosic browning removal.

  • Rinses easily with water. Is a self-neutralising formula.

  • Self-neutralising formula.

Pet browning & urine stains


As any pet owner can testify, life is more fun with pets around! They’re part of the family. The only downside can be managing those unfortunate accidents around the home - whether its urine, faeces, vomit or hairballs… indoor pets can leave carpets and rugs looking soiled and unhygienic. ClearVis utilises a cleaning agent which eliminates any deep odour, stain or residue:



  • Combines high performance stain removal with a powerful 2-pronged germ-killing action

  • Kills odour causing germs at their source.

  • Effectively removes urine spots, cellulosic browning stains and water marks.

  • Uses professional odour absorbing chemistry to neutralise air-borne odours.

  • Safe for use on all ‘water-cleanable’ fibres, including wool and stain resistant carpets.

  • Fresh lemon scent.

Wine stains


The most classic of all stains – red wine. Whilst it’s a pleasure to drink – it’s not fun when it spills onto the carpet! While once an almost permanent stain, wine stains can now be lifted with advanced cleaning solutions and expert methods.



  • Innovative technology from the textile industry to neutralise browning (Brownaway).

  • Speciality polymers release coffee, berry, wine and some dye stains.

  • Super wetting action ensures rapid and effective fibre penetration and quick stain removal.

  • Unparalleled removal of stains caused by cellulosic browning, coffee & urine.

  • Low odour – safe and pleasant to use.


Protein stains (food, blood or vomit)


At times organic matter can find its way onto your carpet. Families with children can testify to the sorts of incidents – whether its gravy spilled on the carpet, sick children, or paper cuts resulting in drops of blood – organic/protein-based stains are common in most homes, resulting unsightly marks and stains on the carpet.

ClearVis implements a stain removing solutions to successfully treat protein-based staining:


  • Protein spot is a specifically formulated alkaline/solvent blend for the removal of protein and organic based stains. It also contains proprietary stain release technology for consistent reliable results.

  • Removes tough stains caused by egg, gravy, vomit, blood and other protein sources.

  • Works great on many oily and greasy stains.

  • Free rinsing – no soil attracting residues.


Ink, paint & cosmetic stains


Whether it’s the kids colouring on the floor, or a pen that’s leaked, or a toddler getting hold of the makeup bag - ink or cosmetic stains can be stubborn and unsightly.   Clearvis uses an excellent solution to remove these types of markings:


  • A high-performance water rinseable blend of citrus solvents and emulsifiers.

  • Remove or water-based paints, cosmetics, grease, oily spots, adhesives & most inks.

  • Fresh limonine fragrance, with low VOC’s.

  • Prefect for use as a booster when added to a prespray solution.

Stains that cannot be removed


Kris will endeavour to remove all spots, stains marks and blemishes from your carpets and will be successful ninety percent of the time. However, an unfortunate ten percent of stains may not be removed due to the nature of the marking. Some stains may have reacted with the fabric’s fibres, tarnishing the yarn and resulting in permanent discolouration. This unfortunate staining is dependent on a combination of circumstances such as:

  • Type of material/ fibres.
    Textiles and fabrics are unique in their makeup. Manufactured carpets, rugs and upholstery contain different fibres and blends in varying quantities, so their individual reactions to staining from chemicals or organic substances will vary from one fabric to the next. Essentially, no two carpets are the same!

  • Duration.
    The longer a stain sits untreated, the longer it will permeate the fibres.

  • External forces.
    Not only does the duration of a stain have a staying effect, but the manner in which a stain is spot-treated initially may ensure its penetration further. For example, if a stain is rubbed into the
    carpet using a solution – it might spread the soiling deeper or wider. 
    Furthermore, if the stain has damaged a high foot traffic area, the continual pressure from shoes or feet might further permeate the stain into the fibres.